$UGAZ $UNG not a bad day. I didn’t do much. I did sell (at a minor 10% profit) some of my over weight lotto calls. I’m now sitting on a 100% sized short put position (June 20th 11.5$ strike), a normal size lotto call position (July 20th $12 strike) and a normal size leap call position (Jan 2022 $13 strike). The lotto calls I’m still holding are in 10% profit. The short puts are losing (-13%) but I’m not worried about those. Plenty of premium and theta burn will make that position profitable shortly. Leap calls are far from profit but that’s fine. That’s the way leap calls go. As for the charts NG is still in the box. See my post from last night. Still in the triangle. Decision time is next week. Doesn’t matter much to me which way it breaks although up is more favorable. GLTA and have a great weekend. Stay away from UGAZ and don’t read the news. All those headlines don’t move price. The charts tell it all.
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