$TXMD I see the price levels you are coming from, and understand your anger the whole time on this wall. I mean it. But this will go higher soon in my opinion. Check 5 min graph since August 21 (only available time interval available for 5 min data). You will only see this 6.8million lots as the only spike. The second highest volume since that date is only 750k lots (per 5 min graph). Something is up. Not sure what it is, but thinking it might be positive given the tripled revenue. Yes, they may not break even still after the triple revenue, but Annovera has literally more sales than the summation of the other 2 drugs. I think we are getting somewhere finally. I know I'm new with the stuck only in the last 6 months, but I'm really curious to see how this will go now.
$TXMD If you care you are fcked
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