$SRGA All the genuine investors here are going to be so amazed later this year when the share price is $2+ .. NOT This share price is a JOKE!! The Holo acquisition is worth more than the current market cap without even looking at the rest of the business. Holo approval sky rockets the share price! It went up nearly 50% with the Holo acquisition news to nearly $3 so Mr Market loved it then and yet when the approval date is in touching distance it turns away and says, all time low for you my boy. corrupt f*ckers. Insiders and institutions all bought big since the acquisition.. they all know the score. Just do the buy out and get it over and done with. Mr Market is so f*cking corrupt and greedy that he'd throw his own granny down the stairs for a few bucks then do an insurance claim because a few of the banisters got damaged.