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Daytrade alerts & Technical analysis. Day/Swing trading, long term, stocks & options.

My mission is to provide good quality stock and option trade setups that people can profit from day in and day out. Remember you don't have to hit a homerun everytime you get up to bat, singles and doubles add up over the long run. Nobody ever went broke taking a profit. This room is for alerts and setups of stocks and options. This is not a play by play analysis of every stock all day. You will get alerts for trades as I enter them and I will usually provide some context for the trade. Some trades last minutes, others last days, weeks, or months. You are paying for the alerts and setups I provide from many years of experience in the market. Remember, not all trades work out. You have to manage your own risk/trades. I can not tell you when to get in or out of a trade. That is your responsibility. I may not be in the room all day everyday but there are other good traders in here

Topics and stocks
Options, Day Trading, Education
Daytrade alerts & Technical analysis. Day/Swing trading,
long term, stocks & options.
Chat style room, good for fast paced conversation. The room type is set by the room moderators.
1. Post good alerts and setups
2. No trolling, personal attacks, or harassment of other members
3. If you see something running you can just type the ticker. Otherwise, give your post some context
4. NO solicitation or spamming, otherwise will be banned
5. Don't use the chat room for your personal business
6. Don't use multiple accounts
7. Type in normal English

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