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Gunderson Best Stocks Now

Best Stocks Now combines both value and momentum in our search for alpha.

Led by Bill Gunderson (30+ years of experience, creator of the Best Stocks Now! App, over 55,000+ followers on ST), we seek only the Best Stocks Now based on a high five-year total return potential and strong momentum. You’ll have access to:

  1. Our proprietary ranking system- Over 5200 stocks, all ranked according to momentum and value metrics.
  2. Live trading alerts from Bill himself- He’ll keep you up-to-date with trades and breakouts as they happen.
  3. A weekly in-depth newsletter on the market and our current portfolios.
  4. Remarkable insight into today’s hidden gems in the market. Bill's formula found Netflix at $33.64 in 2011. Now, Netflix is over $300. Which stocks will it find today?
  5. Examples of stocks with a unique combination of value, momentum, and earnings growth.


Topics and stocks
Momentum Trading, Technology, Quant
We combine value and momentum in our search for alpha w/ live portfolios, trades, and a newsletter.
Board style room, good for slower pace and deeper discussion. The room type is set by the room moderators.
The Golden Rule- Treat others the way you want to be treated. Along with that: no spamming.
I send out 5-10 live trading alerts throughout the day. I live in the market, even in the early AM. I look at hundreds of charts in order to find the Best Stocks Now, stocks that have both value and momentum, based on a high five-year potential return and valuation.
Once you sign up, view my posts for a copy of our newsletter with access to our portfolios, ranked from most to least speculative:
1. Emerging Growth
2. Ultra Growth
3. Conservative Premier Growth
4. Dividend & Growth
BSN Database Username: gunderson@seekingalpha.com
Check my posts for a weekly password to access the database and my in-depth, market-timing newsletter!
Happy trading!
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