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Income Strategies

We employ the basic option play, the Covered Call, with the goal of earning monthly income.

  1. Our goal is to earn income with the use of the basic option play, the Covered Call. We anticipate a 30 day trade earning a minimum of 2% and generally provide a higher return.

  2. The Covered Call is not complicated and can be used to enhance the value of IRA's and brokerage accounts. A margin account is not necessary.

  3. Our ideas are in a very easy to understand format. Execution of the trade is a one-step process often called Buy/Write. The ideas will offer a complete background of the selection process with charts and supporting documentation.

  4. Each day we scan the entire market for stocks that are presenting the ideal set up that meet our strict requirements. With the use of superior charting and scanning software we set parameters that must be met before the idea is presented.

  5. Each idea will be tracked and will have follow up describing any adjustments or other action.


Topics and stocks
Options, Equities, Personal Finance
A room for novice to experienced investors seeking conservative income with Covered Calls/spreads.
Board style room, good for slower pace and deeper discussion. The room type is set by the room moderators.
1. Upon subscribing to this room you agree that postings by the moderator are only ideas for your consideration and investigation. They're not recommendations and there's no guarantee of profit.
2. Stock investing is subject to many outside influences and can change day to day.
3. Subscribers agree that they alone are responsible for their trading actions and the moderator will not be held responsible for personal losses.
4. The moderator has the exclusive right to monitor and delete any post that he considers to be rude, insulting or otherwise negative.
5. The moderator may not be accessible for short time periods due to family obligations, vacations or illness.
6. Investing with Covered Calls is most effective during bullish market conditions. There may be times when no investing opportunities are presented.
7. Subscribers are free to present their own ideas and are encouraged to do so. They, like the moderator, will not be responsible for possible losses from their ideas.

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