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Lesnicki Investing

I apply principles taught by the great investor Sir John M. Templeton.

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• You’ll have exclusive access to someone who has over 17+ years of experience in the financial markets!

• You’ll also receive access to exclusive blog posts before I share anywhere else! These blog posts come during times of extreme pessimism/optimism in the markets! My goal is to help calm investors during times of despair, and help investors realize when the markets may be irrationally exuberant! I try to put extreme market moves in perspective and shows how history can help us make investment decisions!

• I share my personal portfolio holdings (brokerage account screenshot), and post any buys and sells I make in real time!

• Not only do I share my investment decisions live, but I provide context as to why I made the investment decisions!

• Come with me as I journal my thoughts and investment decisions live in my StockTwits premium room!


Topics and stocks
Long Term Investing
I invest at the point of maximum pessimism and sell at maximum optimism. Let’s prosper together!
Chat style room, good for fast paced conversation. The room type is set by the room moderators.
I encourage questions as they help newer investors gain knowledge about the stock market and longer term investing! I cannot provide individual investment advice but can answer questions that steer you in the right direction!
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