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Algorithmic automated unusual option activity trading ideas and strategies

Quantitative Signals:

We analyze unusual option activity trades to identify the strongest trading signals using proprietary algorithms based on scientific research.

Subscription offer:

  1. Trade before the crowds do by analyzing smart money options trade signals

  2. Automated near real time option ticker symbol alerts

  3. Only the strongest signals fit our algorithm's criteria

  4. We discuss our own positions which we enter based on the algorithmic signals

About us:

Over 17 years of stocks, futures, and options trading experience, with formal graduate level education in derivatives pricing and financial modeling

Topics and stocks
Options, Quant
Algorithmic unusual option activity trading alerts, ideas and strategies
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3. Do not share any personal information.
4. Perform due diligence and make your own trading decisions.
5. Do not seek personalized investment advice on your own positions or trades, as we do not provide such advice.
DISCLAIMER: These are our trade ideas, which we publish regularly, for entertainment and educational purposes only, and are not to be construed as trading recommendations. We are not registered investment advisors and do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice.
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