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The Lincoln List

Real Time Actionable Trade Ideas On The Best Stocks

Join the top rated- real time- actionable trading community.

TheLincolnList founded by 20 year trading veteran Doug Rumer

Feed includes:

*Live Ideas - All trades made and stock trade ideas are announced in real time

*Education- All members enjoy regular instructional training sessions and access to our full educational library that includes over 100+ hours of instructional video

*Weekly Market Review And Recap Subscription - Our weekly review of the markets and our best stock trading ideas posted every Sunday.

*Camaraderie and Support- Trading can be grueling and unforgiving at times. Our community is filled with long term experienced traders who stand right next to you through the good and bad.


Topics and stocks
TheLincolnList.com is a fully interactive trading community. Lead by a team of established veterans
Chat style room, good for fast paced conversation. The room type is set by the room moderators.
Please no pumping, no egos, and no drama. Act like you want to be a professional trader
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