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Traders Mindchat

Develop a Trading Mindset of STEEL.

We'll discuss the real reasons you aren't winning... & fix them! (and it isn’t some indicator, new software, or gaming some algorithm.) Instead there's 7 critical elements you need to succeed. Process, Pattern Mastery, and Mindset to name a few.


* PROCESS: Mike shares his process, market insights, trade ideas, trade plans, execution, and post analysis. Get alerts the moment they’re live.

* MINDSET: Our beliefs shape our trading and determine if we win or lose. We examine limiting beliefs and replace them w/ empowering ones.

* PATTERN MASTERY: It’s more than lines on a chart. It’s human emotion on parade! Learn to feel the trade and soon you’ll be feeling the cash flow.

*See Mindwheel Image for more

BONUS: Special Guests will be sharing their own secrets to success


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Whats This?
We dig into the mindset between which stock is a better buy. $TNDM vs $ACB for example.
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Room Rules:
1. You need to be open and radically honest with yourself. If you're not, there will be little I or anyone else will be able to do to assist you.
2. You have to be willing to face your fears. Some people are afraid of losing money. Others are afraid of missing out on the big wins. Others are afraid of making mistakes… MOST ARE AFRAID or unwilling to confront or even identify their fears. Don’t let this be you!
3. This is a safe space. The more open we are, the more we can grow. Anyone who is disrespectful clearly isn't ready and doesn't belong here. They'll be ejected.
4. Together, we will make you more money, guaranteed. That’s right… if you walk away feeling you are no better equipped to make money than before we talked, then I don’t want yours! Every time we work together you should be improving. This doesn’t mean you will never have another losing trade. What it does mean is that after each session your mindset, understanding, plans, and strategies should improve.
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