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Support site for markets.fallondpicks.com: covers investments for my ROTH, crypto- and ETF trades.


With my free blog given over to market commentary I will use this room to track sample trades. My focus will be on the indices (ETFs), the S&P SPDR ETFs ($XLF etc) and Bitcoin and Ethereum - although the latter are more for educational purposes because of the sizable risk involved in trading such instruments.

However, if you have a ROTH IRA - or a small trading account - I also include what I'm doing in this account. At the moment, I'm investing $100-300 a month and the goal here is to look for dividend stocks which I can sell covered calls against to generate income. Because the max annual contribution is $7,000, this is an ideal vehicle for people to follow with small accounts - be it a trading account or another ROTH IRA. This is a buy-and-hold, selling only if a covered call expires in-the-money.

Note: I only post in this room when needed, so no daily posts...


Topics and stocks
Equities, ETFs
Support site for markets.fallondpicks.com: covers investments for my ROTH, crypto- and ETF trades.
Board style room, good for slower pace and deeper discussion. The room type is set by the room moderators.
No Penny Stocks. No aggro, spamming or self-promotion. Comments Welcome.
Opinions are my own and do not constitute professional trading advice.
Post frequency is as often as needed.
Daily commentary can be found in my free content. This is the only source of actionable content I provide - use it wisely.
Keep it simple
Don't overtrade.
Dead investors outperform the living - there is a good reason for this.
Happy to answer questions.
Be realistic in your expectations. Annual returns of 20% will outpeform nearly all professionals.
I also include my ROTH account. This is a buy-and-hold strategy - no stops. The focus of this account is revenue. Features dividend stocks, with options to sell covered calls against.
Pinned posts are my ROTH trades. Recommended for small accounts.
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