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Using Fundamental & Technical Analysis to Find the Best Opportunities. Content added on Weekend.


Using Fundamental & Technical Analysis to find the best opportunities in the market.


Started writing on stocks in '01. Passed all 3 exams of the CMT program in '07; current affiliate member of the MTA. Joined StockTwits in '09, now have over 50K followers.


Short-Term Regular breakout candidates. Commentary will include charts, suggested targets and stops. Trades last days to weeks

Intermediate-Term Using the S&P Sector SPDRs; this will use my regular #sectorbreadth analysis from my StockTwits feed to determine entry and exit opportunities. Trades last weeks to months.

Long-term Opportunities will be tracked by breadth metrics to find the best time to build positions in stocks (e.g. for a 401K or ROTH IRA). Focused on tracking S&P, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 ETFs. The hold period is months to years.


Content will be added weekends with occasional midweek commentary.


Topics and stocks
Education, Equities, ETFs
Support site for markets.fallondpicks.com; including sample trades and breadth metrics.
Board style room, good for slower pace and deeper discussion. The room type is set by the room moderators.
No Penny Stocks. No aggro, spamming or self-promotion. Comments Welcome. Opinions are my own and do not constitute professional trading advice.
Post frequency is as often as needed.
Daily commentary can be found in my free content. This is the only source of actionable content I provide - use it wisely.
I track sectors, indices and a few cryptocurrencies. I stopped doing individual stocks as sectors were more reliable and individual stocks were too time consuming to track.
If you like individual stocks, consider buying a member stock of an ETF or related stock in a sector based on the signals here.
Keep it simple
Don't overtrade.
Dead investors outperform the living - there is a good reason for this.
Happy to answer questions.
Be realistic in your expectations. Annual returns of 20% will outpeform nearly all professionals.
I also include my pension buy-and-hold holdings. These don't use a stop and are not traded. The focus of these trades is for revenue.
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