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Real-time analysis of specific stocks+markets. Trading breakouts/breakdowns to lock in fast profits.

What I'm offering:

  • Real -time daily analysis of equities I'm trading (as well as markets micro & macro) I let the charts & experience dictate setups; not news , analysts, or other outside factors. Through years of proficiency in chart/tape reading I am able to capture short term profits consistently. I will be providing exactly what I'm seeing at each moment throughout the day. This requires tremendous effort.

  • Real-time earnings report analysis each Qtr on certain major names while I'm playing them live

  • Weekly Q&A within reason depending on size of user list

About me: I worked on Wall Street for 9 years at 2 of the most prestigious banks until I left my career to day trade full time. I have been involved with trading markets for 17 years (scalping almost a decade) I'm a Professional trader and have a community proven track record for consistent, accurate analysis.

Topics and stocks
Day Trading, Momentum Trading, Technicals
Real-time daytrading of stocks+markets. Trading breakouts/breakdowns to lock in fast profits.
Chat style room, good for fast paced conversation. The room type is set by the room moderators.
In room 9am EST until 4pm. In addition to intraday real-time analysis I do a pre-market rundown DAILY & a weekly Q&A session post bell on Monday. There are some very strong traders in room so plenty to leverage against.
1) Room is NOT about fielding user questions on demand intraday. You are here for my community proven reputation with real-time analysis/commentary on what im watching & playing that day.
2) No self-promotion, spam, or solicitation.
3) Posting or promoting content or activities that are illegal, offensive, violent or vulgar is strictly prohibited.
4) Posters exhibiting hostile and deceptive behavior will be banned at my discretion. This includes any hint of stock manipulation or the like which I will report to the SEC myself.
DISCLAIMER: The discussions held here are for educational purposes only. They are not a recommendation to buy or sell and are not intended to be trading advice.

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