$MDR So them buying time, what could the purpose of that be? Obviously it can be looked at two ways in my opinion. 1. they are trying to make some sort of deal, to get their stuff together before they post news. 2. they are trying to buy time for something negative like chapter 11. Only thing positive out there I believe is, why wouldn't they just file if they were going to file? Seems like the delay is for something positive more than likely...no? But from that article, still looks like they are planning on missing the bond payments...? Why not just pay them, that's the real issue in my opinion. The creditors have to not be allowing them to use their cash, and that's concerning, cause if they creditors saw a light at the end of the tunnel, wouldn't they allow/approve the bond payment to be made? Just so much news out there that contradicts itself, its extremely hard to get a feel if anything is really positive....idk.
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