@gerrr Safemoon: Another Crypto Ponzi Scheme? Safemoon was never officially declared a Ponzi scheme by the regulators as was rumoured. This means that Safemoon is a legitimate investment and its policy of high transaction fees made people label it as a Pyramid Scheme, maybe for the benefit of the rise of the coin. Most platforms reduce transaction fees to lure users but Safecoin increased the transaction fees to between 10%-12%. to discourage users from selling the coin. The reason was perfect for growth as if fewer people took out their investments the value would grow and this helps prevent the regular pump and dump pattern. On every withdrawal, five percent of tokens get distributed to users while the other five get burned. With all these developments on the way, Safemoon is heading for the moon in no time. The price will surge just like dogecoin and the utility of the coin will keep it on the moon.