$AMRN Combining TerraPharma's tweet (1) with my personal story (2): Quote:1) IPE (Vascepa) for Treatment of Acute, Severe Pancreatitis “patient with likely cytokine storm improved clinically almost immediately after administration of IPE, despite poor prognosis & lacking response to previous therapeutic attempts..” twitter.com/terrapharma1/st... 2) My sister's family of 4 just got COVID last week. All mask wearers. My parents spent a few hours in my sister's house (during the time when the sister's family had COVID - they obviously didn't know they had it at that point), playing with and touching infected kids. Two days after that encounter, my sister's family tested positive. One week after that (yesterday) my parents tested negative. Here is the crux - my sister's family does not take Vascepa / my parents have been on Vascepa for 2-3 years. Is this why they didn't contract COVID???
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