$SIGA The research and product development facility is fairly large (pic). Also, "Tove’ C. Bolken... has set up an external manufacturing supply chain for SIGA’s smallpox antiviral. She currently manages the operations and the network of manufacturing partners to ensure quality production of commercial pharmaceutical products, and oversees the chemistry, manufacturing, and controls related to new product development." - She liked Institut Pasteur de Bangui's: "In CAR, people born before 1980 are at very little risk of developing the disease. The mortality rate of monkeypox is 12% in the country. Bacterial superinfection is often the cause of mortality. The antiviral recommended for monkeypox, Tecovirimat from the pharmaceutical company SIGA in the United States, is the subject of a compassionate access program. 14 patients infected...received...treatment with good tolerance and faster favorable progression compared to untreated patients before the introduction of Tecovirimat"