$CTRM $TOPS $SHIP $GLBS **** For New Investors**** let me start off by saying I'm never bearish (check my post history.) this needs to be said for anyone thinking of buying into any of these. Don't even think about it. The tanker sector should be blown to smithereens. 52 Week top losers have 4 out of 10 being in the tanker sector. Why, a newbie may ask. Well, direct offerings and r/s city is your answer. Any type of movement will result in an offering. Yes, TOPS agreed to not do an offering for a year after committing the most direct offerings in a 6 month span. Buy any other stock in the market besides these Greek pieces of trash. If you want a - 99% return then by all means purchase any one of these stocks... When they say 90% fail at trading just think anyone invsted in either of these is more than likely part of that 90% failing.