$SNDL Guys although I am bullish , I can’t stand the projection of extremely high prices that tricks the investors. First off , this is not the next tilray , one major reason is because : 1. Tilrays market cap is around $4.9 billion whereas SNDLs market cap is $2.5 billion. Even if by some miracle the price of SNDL doubles , which would be from this point around $3.6 , it would put the valuation of the business at $5 billion. It is too high based on the current revenue SNDL is generating. 2. Also , the outstanding shares of SNDL is ridiculously high of around 1.51 billion. You know how crazy that is ?? Tilrays outstanding shares is just around 158 million. The share holders dilution is humongous. Hence even after the legalization , my PT for this stock is around $3.8 EOY and if it manages to post a good earnings , $4 max. I just wanted to be realistic and give the bulls my take on the stock.