$LKNCY ladies and gentlemen, todays imbecile award goes to @Gains7 who has ZERO (0) shares yet, here he is, EVERYDAY, all day; posting embarrassingly dumb bear shit. His kind was screaming no at 2 usd lol 不不不
$LKNCY ladies and gentlemen todays MVP pumper award goes to @TraderX82 , he supposedly purchase 112k shares? Thats $548,000 dollars? Really? And to everyone else that claim they purchase 20-30k shares at 1.xx price without showing any snapshot or proof, youre an MVP pumper and a sad person looking for attention. To those who actually show proof/snapshot of your share count, much respect for you youre honest traders. Dont brag about your holdings if you aint going to show anything......pumpers
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@Gains7 ps; you need to find a new screenshot of a lying position...you used this one 2 weeks ago...lol...what a scumbag I hope everyone sees this one and shares this 不不不 - literally the same price, same value as of 2 weeks ago 不不不