$LKNCY I called the is cat clown @ClarissaTS one last time but I know she won’t play and reply with a dumb meme as always (like she won’t acknowledge my low average that pretty much everyone knows on this board; and keeps calling me a baggie lol). As most know, I’m not the blocking type BUT; if she doesn’t respond with facts, I will block her since enough is enough. That toxic person is an obsessive imbecile (no one in their right mindset would do what she does). I know like 80% already blocked her but; I also want some true bears to see why we can’t talk to them sometimes as scums like her make it very difficult to take bears seriously.
@ClarissaTS @Annie_Preferred @AccumulateDistribute lastly, since you have been posting my statement from LK’s 12 usd days and trying to portray me as a bad investor lol, I remember calling you out but of course as usual, you won’t respond to facts, and only posts dumb memes. I am challenging you one more time publicly, post your actual gains of 2021 (just over this last 7 weeks) and I’ll post mine, if I haven’t made at least TWICE as much as you have, I’ll sell my LKNCY shares and turn bearish. I know you will come up with TL lots of excuses for not showing but; I want everyone to see what kind of a liar you are. If you don’t respond with facts and continue you to do what you have been doing, you will be the first one I blocked as enough is enough. Seriously Clarissa (or whomever you are, get help, you desperately need it)
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@ranthor All I can say is I blocker her and it makes these boards 100% more enjoyable. I have zero problem with an opinion that differs from mine, but she is a confirmed liar and racist.