$SNSS We actually dipped below the 200ma, and then closed above it, SUPER BULLISH!!! 200ma is now around .71 according to a couple of reputable charting sites. A lot of people make lite of charts, especially in bios but that .73 mark is significant. We saw some more huge whale buy orders right at that .71 mark, 297,000 yesterday, one should ask themselves why .71? Is it a coincidence that it's the 200ma? I don't think so, I think a whale wanted to lend support at that mark so we would close above. Shorts look at that buy order on Level 2 and they get discouraged and figure it won't break below and they cover. Works same way as when flippers see a huge sell order and get discouraged and take their profits. Also that order did fill, it wasn't pulled so whether it was covering or buying it doesn't matter, it was SUPER BULLISH IMO. The long term trend is intact, mid term also very strong, and the short term techs flippers watch are also still flashing BUY. Yesterday was a healthy pause.
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