@EwingEffect @Turtlespear 55,000 cases in US, 1/2 in NY. Chinese 9/11, when this hit China here in NY the Chinese were emptying shelves of masks, sending them to China. Yesterday friend of my wife sent box of 100 back from China, in mail, lol. If I go out I wear mask and gloves, lucky so far? No symptoms, I am pneumonia prone so dead meat with my Primary Doc's office closed last wk. Emergency rooms overrun.. I escaped the Vietnamese only to be taken down by the CCP., just yoking, God has heard my prayers so far and I have unwavering faith that if I act responsibly I will be fine and so will my wife. NY'ers have BALLS LIKE BASKETBALLS, we don't waiver, we just move forward , do the next right thing, most of us anyway. Hopefully this will pass in Godspeed, and the 40% to 80% projected by Gov Cuomo is wrong, at 1% dead that would be 400,000 to 800,000 dead in NY? And I am in the high-risk category, senior with respiratory issues. I put over 100k in market at Dow 18,000, made 20k so far.)
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