$DAL I was smfh when the newbs were buying like drunken sailors at 22 and over last night? WTF is wrong with you guys? Are you such desperate gamblers you can't wait at least to see the breadth of the market form for the next day before you start paying way over the close on such a risky shut down sector? Did you guys do any DD before you jumped in? So the entire industry saw over 260,000 flights last week? Did any of you that bought DD what the norm is one week post Covid? "In 2019, we tracked 68,948,849 total flights, a new record. Averaging 188,901 flights per day, that is a 10% increase over 2018." So 1,316,000 per week....lol, you guys had better be patient and learn to be a bit more nimble and less impulsive when it comes to buying into the most hardest it industries. GL
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