$SNDX I tried to warn here of the corruption going on in this security for 3 weeks, but to no avail I was attacked, laughed at when the stock went over $21 and ridiculed when it was not crashing down as I said it eventually would. I used to trade with the ame emotion and could not PULL the TRIGGER on winners and take some money off the table and maybe let a little ride if it went higher. I explained in full detail WHY this stock was CORRUPTED SECURITY, read my posts on this thread if you want... OR instead Follow my posts for great insights the many trade opportunities that present themselves in Real-Time during the trading week. GL to ALL.....in all your future ventures...Peace, hey that is not to say that this ticker will not one day be a buy, or even a buy and a great short within the same day. If you don't ever short the market you are fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Wanna learn, follow me and I will answer your Qs in PMs....when I can in time...GL
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