$ZIOP Cooper @ JPM conference. "Talking about non-viral solutions to gene transfer, you know we were somewhat a lone voice, maybe just a year or so ago. And today it is red hot. When we talked about infusing T-cells to go after neoantigens, that was seen, you know just a short time ago, as somewhat uncertain. And today it's the centerpiece. You know, vaccines may be contributory to the neoantigen space, but T-cell receptors that are in T-cells are really emerging. Similarly, with the cytokine biology with IL-12, you know, people are very, very interested in cytokine biology because they can see the checkpoint inhibitors in the current immunotherapies may work, but the one thing you need is you've got to have T-cells in the tumor. All the checkpoint inhibition that you're doing, if the T-cells are not resident, doesn't matter, they're not fighting, and IL-12 puts those T-cells into tumor & when we've done it in GBM, we start to see some very interesting things." ZIOP leads the science.
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