$OSS You all know I had given my Q3 2020 analysis and there is difficulty in understanding as there are all over the place with ton of info. Have put them in xls, have a look. As I have said, 13 to 15 mil is my prediction and i think it will be near to that upper band i.e. 15 mil. Prediction 4 is wall street analysts values. Here are points to remember - Operating Expenses remain flat or little higher- Q2 2020 check call transcripts they had clearly told this. Operating expenses = Q2 expenses + audit expenses+stock compensation expense( non cash) - Q2 severance package Q2 2020 has close to 250k severance packages to employees ( 815K in 6 months, Q1- They had given 550k Severance to CEO) Interest income set to same Q2 - Since Disguise is still struggling with payment, i think it will remain same. Interest expense - still set same as Q2 2020. Other income - don't know, so set it to same as Q2 Tax set at 33.9% ( due to deffered tax asset - check 10Q - Q2 2020 Page 32)
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$OSS This is stock based compensation for CEO - This is expense, i dont know how much it will incur in Q3. jan 2 stock price- 2.02 jun 31 stock price -1.92 at end of Q2, i think he didn't get any ISO's compensation. ISO's(incentive stock options) seems to entitled based off 6 month period. Seems like this expense maybe will be only reflected in Q4... I think there won't be any ISO's compensation in q3 2020 .
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$OSS If you had seen above posts - i had given expenses for "Audit" , " Stock-based Compensation expense for CEO", "Severence package to employees". Last Q2 2020 Total Expenses are around 3.73 mil Q3 2020 prediction on Total Expenses = 3.73 - 275k = 3.45 mil . This 3.45 mil won't have Audit/stock based compensation expense. So, I think the Total expenses for Q3 can vary from 3.45 to 3.73 based off any fluctuations. I have provided this xls analysis with 3.45 expenses, have a look..
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