$AYTU Sabby specializes in Buying offerings when they offer them so he can manipulate them to death and make a small fortune. When AYTU offered its second offering he was the main buyer for it! Since then he does what he does best and manipulates the stock both ways. At first his team of professionals short it too death until they decide its ready to be on the bull side.When David Mintz (the owner of Sabby) decides hes done shorting it then he looks for the littlest information to push the numbers as a bull. My goal of this post is to explain how manipulating penny stocks are, but let me tell you unbelievably profitable and can put amazing money in your pocket with just 500 shares.The big question is when is Sabby Management going to show their bull side and blow this up. I truly believe its early next week. Please dont sell and be patient! Sabby Management has 11million dollars invested in this stock..this is their 2nd largest stock theyre invested in..its a company worth 360 million.
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