$WKHS there have been several very large buys here, what you see is the retail traders emotionally selling. The large institutional investors have not sold like some did last week. If you hold long you will be rewarded. If you trade based on emotion you will always loose money. The people here who have been holding long are going to come out of this very rich. I trimmed a little bit this morning pre market when this was at its peak but there is no way I would sell anything more right now. I still hold over 75% of my positions in $WKHS amd $DPHC . I just figured I’d take some profits just in case tomorrow doesn’t pan out the way we are all hoping but either way tomorrow will be a great day!! Either tremendous gains or irresistible buy opportunities. The choice is yours, be a weak minded gub gub or be immortalized in Valhalla!!!
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