$SRNE I know sometimes I may be a Debbie downer (no pun intended to a certain person who calls this ticker a POS). However I try to be a voice of reason to the ones that may be easily manipulated. Its no coincidence we have seen the biggest rise of retail investors in 2020. Things suck, industries are suffering, layoffs, and most of all people are dying. I am quite sure some retail investors have resorted to try to use the market not for long time growth but because they NEED money during these times. I hate to see people get manipulated out of money by the cruelness of the stock market. Years back I was of those people who would listen to anything I read on the internet and sell at the first sign of a share price decline. True it is not safe to invest money into the market that you cant afford to lose but I'm quite sure many are doing that nowadays just trying to stay afloat or make up for lost income as a result of covid. I hope we all make money and MIDDLE FINGER to all bears
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