$NIO @ flymetopolaris "... Seems like a lot of competition from other automakers..." "a lot of competition" to say the least Dude! There are around 500 registered EV manufacturers in China, which is why some are talking about a bubble!. Sure that over time it will settle down and only the strongest will remain, hence the importance of supporting finance (banks, institutional investors) local authorities (China 2025) product quality, development strategy and innovative business plan, patents that make the difference, alliances etc ... the EV market is part of the edifice to be linked to the paradigm shift which the whole world is facing and which we cannot escape. The cake is huge It represents trillions! this also explains why there is so much tension at work with a top-ranking competitor with whom you have to reckon and who tomorrow risks leading the music .... Long is Beautifull China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.”
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