$ACB Well, still we have a very much positive bullish retail sentiment for the big money to bet against. Rocket 🚀 emojis and retail fantasy price targets can’t fight the trend, sorry to have to say that. Retail has no money to push this stock higher, but still with so much retail ownership, the amount of stop losses for short positions to bet against, hard or soft is infinite... Think of that for a minute or two... The company management handling and silence about failure to deliver according to previous promises says a lot. That is why it’s not likely that big money will come to support the stock. It’s just interesting to also see that when they the company is failing, the management don’t even comment when they get $1 and $0 price targets. Mr Battley is moving to Australia... Also interesting to see so many posts that are upset if someone has an opinion that is not bullish. Why not try to take in all views, positive and negative? Good luck to all👍😊
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