$NIO Who is the asian fund who invested at NIO 100M latest funding (70M and 30M) ... NIO latest filing looks like saying tamasek subsidiary sold 13M+ shares most likely at high price this year... After selling share news comes out 100m funding (70m+30M)... My hallucination analysis is Tamasek might be involve in the latest funding which is very bullish... Lets see 13M+ shares sold say at high $5 = 70M dollars more or less but close... Take note latest funding is zero interest but convertible to $3 share next year if say Tamasek took the 70M part using the money sold nio share 13M share at $5 average VERY BULLISH cause the big 5 guys investors of NIO are LONG TERM BELIEVER... VERY BULLISH RIGHT... IF THIS IS NOT BULLISH NIO WILL NOT RELEASE IT... THINK ABOUT THAT 😍😍😍 i hope my analysis is correct but no matter what I WILL HOLD NIO LONG TERM...
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