Ok, I’m off the restaurant train with $PSTH Too many signs point to the contrary. This is my official prediction: Starlink and Stripe are going to parter in exclusivity. Stripe will be the primary payment/security processor for all things Starlink. This includes (memberships, plans, networks, bandwidth rates etc) PSTH will NOT merge with Stripe but will indeed merge with Starlink to bring it public in cohesion with Stripe. (Stripe will eventually go public via traditional IPO, UNLESS this goes well, then we got PSTH2) We are talking a three headed dragon. Elon’s product/Innovation Collison Brother’s Payment System Ackman’s management team in the merger as well as upfront capital. No, this is not wishful thinking. I truly believe some version of this will happen. Perhaps PSTH is not involved but I believe Starlink and Stripe will partner up.