@Cdawggggg I don’t have one. I held this for over 2 years and I invested in the idea of sustainable aviation fuel. Its finally coming true so I think we have great things coming. I remember Hawaiian 🌺 airlines mentioning that EU and other countries will start charging airlines for carbon emissions. And that the airline is looking for a fuel supplier. If we emit less then we’ll pay less. Guess what the BIG OIL companies are doing? Here’s an example. bp.com/en/global/air-bp/new... Its NOT $GEVO but we have contracts and buyers. We just need to build the plant. Gruber had bee saying that if they are gonna buy he will build. The biggest deal we’ve got is Trafigura for $1.5Billion. If he can’t get this done he’s a total scam and a FOOL. good luck bradah! What’s your PT?