$GEVO i think we all know what we own here... Only disappointing thing for me was this $22k should’ve been placed in GeVo at .67 a share🔥. Xspa is being banged to sh$T right now but it’ll fight back soon too. Both golden ticket to a few millions! I am hoping at least 2 but 10 would be better obviously!
@Gman71vp I still am holding $GEVO in IRA and WB account. I have been with gevo since mid 2017 and I invested in it because I believe in the future of greener fuel but somehow I feared it going bankrupt and I just had so muc money that I didn’t wanna put anymore. I was ready to ride it to zero but it made that turn after over 10 years in the making. It was just a missed “LOAD THE DIP” moment. HOLDING FORVER ESPECIALLY once they start the building of “Netzero 1” project. Netzero 2 then Netzero 3 and so on and so on... countries will build Gruber’s patented way of production! That’s where I see this...
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