$BRGX.X Why is LP continually dropping even though supposedly there is a 1% LP fee? and why is 25% of the LP burned when there is no burn fee ????
@garliclord2 oh wow... do you want to try again? no? Here, I'll do the work for you- If you pull up bridges and click where it says "Contract" , then "Read Contract" - you get to see all sorts of details regarding the ACTUAL Smart Contract (Source Code) From that you can scroll down and see #37 which says "uniswapV2Pair" (this is the liquidity, BRG.X : BNB) If you click on the address in the field: 0x83789af985239dc74bec38aff851b7833b549a7a You end up at: bscscan.com/token/0x83789af... Click there where it says "Holders" This is the wallets that have provided liquidity (the part of defi that makes trading possible) And on that page, you get to see the wallets in the original image I posted.