@steute2014 You could not be more wrong. No CEO worth anything would monitor their stock price daily. They should be busy working on bigger and better things for the company. There is no "fiduciary duty" to increase the stock price - a company could have an absurdly high stock price and yet be insolvent (ever hear of Enron?). If you are buying more shares in a company you don't believe in, that makes no sense. If you believe in the company, learn some patience. I think you'll be rewarded for holding your small position, and that reward will come soon but it will be based on actual results of the company, not hype. If hype moved $AYTU then this board would have driven it to $1,000 a share and I'd have bought an island by now.
@renzzmar Go fuck yourself idiot! If you think CEO's don't pay attention to the stock price, then you're dumber then your post makes you sound. They have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to increase the stock price for their investors above ALL else. Don't tell me about investing jerkoff....I'm holding 35k shares and just bought 4.5k of them this morning at 1.27. Asshole!!!
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