$HTZ untwist your panties bulls. HTZ PR clearly says all that’s needed: the want to use chapter 11 as a bargaining chip, they are continuing ops, and this is largely due to the Feds not stepping up. This will get resolved. GM did the same in the past: filed to then get assistance with proceeding with BK. Others have done so too. Apple essentially was filing when MSFT bailed them out with a $150 million loan. Yes, Apple! As I’ve said repeatedly, companies don’t shut down or go to zero bc of limited chapter 11. Could it happen? Yes!! But it’s not a must. HTZ’s PR really says it all. They are a “victim” of CV and are not getting the assistance other companies are. This filing is clearly intended as a wake up call to the Feds to step in. Their creditors likely also felt this was the best decision to force because they too expect the Feds to step in. Where spending trillions to fake pump the indices. HTZ likely will get help very fast.
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