$ACET In regards to the CVR Split that some of us have... According to the 8-K in April it does not appear that they should have been split though when I called TDA they told me that the directive was ordered by the company on Thursday afternoon. Contingent Value Rights Agreement sec.report/Document/0001193... ".....one contractual contingent value right issued by resTORbio, subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CVR Agreement, for each share of resTORbio Common Stock held by such holder." So if this exercises the only problem I will have is if my TDA is not a 7X value to someone elses 1X CVR with their broker. But I am guessing no way that would go down, too much to lose in a lawsuit.
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@retiredassassin im thinkin acet got the 75% of torc shares that were rs @ 1/7..that left the 25% torc shareholders got not subject to rs ,which then was greater than the 25%...so we got the 1 /7 share reduction too..we are still entitled to 25% of revenue if any $$ come from cvrs..jmo
@ripcurl57 Yeah but, that is not what the 8-k says. it says 1:1 CVR to Restorbio held. I really am not losing sleep over it though. It does not mean anything unless the CVRs become valuable.
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