$NVAX Not trying to flex, but just to remind you trolls of what a bear prediction could mean. This stock HMNY was 2017's star. Netflix CEO on board, tons of 'catalysts' in the 'pipeline' - gathered more followers than NVAX. Just don't EVER think your pathetic dumbsh*t news bs is your saviour. That's how I know you're a newbie.
@rexman Making new investors scared of putting money in NVAX is your tactic to lower down the price to get in after the approvals?
@HannahN the "new investors" in GME the day it hit the 400s, were more than the ones in here. I posted this on Twitter but did not mention if I was short or not. I don;t like scaring everyone every time. haha. The biggest secret is in the first line - "Hangman on the daily." You see that yellow line below at the 45s? That's EXACTLY where it hit in less than a month. My entire team shorted this, but only at the 300s. I don't have any "TACTICs" haha. You actually believe one person can influence a goliath stock like NVAX? If you have followed me since 2016, you'll see I am that shepherd who is warning you of a pitfall. The shepherd who gates hated in the bullish boards. At YOUR own expense, however.