@ricciccir @besureandvote2020 @Reesevet @M9988e I noticed you capitalized ONE. Did you forget about Milwaukee Georgia Ferguson queens to name a few. You think these riots were instigated without any sort of cause? Seems like a pretty easy fix if you don’t want the rioting - stop killing people because of the colour of their skin. You do that I’m pretty sure the looting and rioting absolutely stops by the black community. What those far right extremists try an incite that’s another story.
@madbull51 @besureandvote2020 @Reesevet @M9988e most of these stories are enhanced by the media without facts. To push a narrative that all police get up in the morning looking to kill black people. You are out of your mind. Black people kill other black people are a far greater rate. Nobody helps them and their communities which are ravaged by crime and drugs, you certainly don’t though I bet you are safe in your suburbs and you put a black square up on Instagram which really helps. Seek help kid. You will not destroy this country.
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