@ricciccir @Reesevet @besureandvote2020 @madbull51 Clearly we need to fix the system. Be honest guys from yesterday Townhall, this tangerine toddler has no plan to fix the problem. He can’t even remember if he took the test 🤦🏻‍♀️ and please watch Biden! He has plan and not to defund the police but to even give the police more support and training so they can be better to serve our society. This is the trust issues. Police have to earn the public trust again. Biden will lead us and find a solution and not be part of the problem like this tangerine toddler. Please understand I know that if you still so stubborn not to understand this BlM movement that doesn’t mean you’re bad people. That doesn’t mean you’re racist. It only means you’re white. And that’s not a crime, any more than being black is. The difference is, police aren’t going to shoot you in the street for it. FYI: I’m not black or white 💙🙏🏻☺️