$NAK For the safety and protection of bulls and bears here at BS central,patients using hydroxycloroquine in conjunction with antibiotics DIED 20% more than patients who did not use it.The incompetent fool in WH knows NOTHING bbc.com/news/world-52779309 ...btw,our Vets and older Americans are dying like crazy from d-cv-19 and the inaction and lies donnie told us...bigly sad:(...do you bulls care??? Oh well,I would advise not injecting disinfectant either,but the "chosen one" is a "very stable genius" and your current minority,god-king, so do what you think is right....hail donnie and all that stuff... Be safe,wear a mask,wash hands a lot,and stop new open pit copper mines anywhere in the world where it is not safe to dig one,like Pebble.
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