@MessengerOfMoistville So lets do that, lets take the time to learn what we own. From the pick shown, 08/28/2018 till current, you'll see a consistency of failures & poor management. People are just looking for a paycheck and thats it. If you go back 1 year, only 3 times this stock reached 1.25 then belly flopped. Businesses think by doing a R/S will save the company and all it really does is screw over all those invested while the company rapes everyone shorting them of shares and wishing for them to drop out of holding so they don't have to pay as it was demonstrated here this stock slammed to .250 from 7.+ So guess whats on the menu again? R/S or B/K because those here are no diff than management, working for a paycheck. Yahoo finance 2w-6wks RED/6wks-9mo RED/9mo+ RED performance outlook. What investor is going to buy 100k shares? 500k shares? no one. Just admit it, were all here for cheap dips, cash in at 1.00 as you all demonstrated that without flaw for nearly 3 yrs now. Grade:F