$DSGT @ClaireHele that's 22 posts you've written on this wall in the past 2 hours. TWENTY TWO! Get a life. The other day you said you were bullish but gave us your ignorant opinions on the management and the CTO. Guess what, we all know about the CTO and we couldn't give a flying FCUK that you're personally not able to buy or sell your shares. We KNOW the CTO will get lifted soon and guess what, we don't really care about it. Stop being salty, and just wait it out patiently like a good little investor. Stop being so emotional. It's so OBVIOUS that you're salty. TWENTY TWO posts in the last 2 hours, you've got some serious time on your hands. You're pathetic! You're not deterring anyone from investing, and you're not convincing anyone to sell their shares. We are looking to grow with this company and we have the patience to prove it. I'm literally embarrassed for you.