$BCRX Let's keep it simple... ORLADEYO sales were expected to peak at 500 million, but "that is an old number", and the new number is "substantially" higher. We will be given guidance in 2022 per Stonehouse. Forget 9930. Forget Rapivab, forget Galidesiver, Forget the dozen indications for 9930. Forget the other items in the pipeline undisclosed. Focus on just ORLADEYO.... Even at 500 million annual sales, a market cap of just 4x sales is WAY LOW. Average market cap to sales for bio is about 7x.or a 3.5billion market cap at 500 mil... but wait. That is OLD numbers! Likely more like 700 million peak "plus" and 5 billion market cap. Now... add in 9930 which we were told is "10 ORLADEYO 's". LIKE DUH!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD GET FLIPPING RICH!!