$MU $SPY - I’m expecting that this is not a surprise to Xi (must have had conversations one-on-one with Trump) ... Xi still has a problem with Tarrifs, agriculture (needs to import our chickens) and I would think that Xi and his hardliners do not want to slide down a slope into World sanctions due to HK.... calmer heads will prevail and our HK bill sets up if China takes further steps to “punish” HK and take away autonomy.
$MU/$INTC/$CSCO Trump signs bill backing Hong Kong protesters into law, in spite of Beijing's objections $SPY POTUS pops XI in the nose ⁉️ Talk about a back hand. XI thought stringing the US along over trade would prevent Criticism over their abuse of protesters, POTUS trumps their bluff. Sounds like trade negotiations are in a stand still. POTUS turns up the heat NYC style. cnbc.com/2019/11/27/trump-s...
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