@healthcareguru sharing the latest Insider and Institutional Holdings for $QDEL, the shares left for trading outside of Insiders (prior to CEO Doug's just reported purchase) is only 1.86% of the 42.07M Shares Outstanding - which is only 782,464 shares.... LESS THAN WHAT CEO DOUG JUST PURCHASED!!! Further, Shares Short are listed as 2,630,000 as of January 29th, 2021... I would expect that Shares Short has increased due to recent market segment focus on Vaccines. As soon as the pendulum swings back to realizing Testing and Vaccines are important - and, maybe further highlighting how Testing will enable re-opening and safety, as we continue to monitor COVID mutations and vaccine performance, markets will be buying back into testing. If NIH RADx, HHS and FDA continue to push and make announcements around OTC "At Home" testing - especially EUA given to $QDEL, this stock will fly.