$ABCL I'm no scientist but this sounds really fucking good (capitalization mine) 🚀: "Notably, this is true even for two antibodies that have demonstrated crossreactivity to SARS and were believed to be less susceptible to viral escape; ADG20 was found to be more than 300-fold less potent against B1.1.529, while the potency of S309 was reduced by approximately 10-fold. This underscores the unpredictability of SARS-CoV-2 spike mutation. Importantly, LY-CoV-1404 is the only clinically tested antibody that retains full functional potency in pseudotype virus neutralization assays. Our data suggest that LY-CoV-1404 is MORE THAN 50-FOLD MORE POTENT against omicron than any of the other clinical stage antibodies we have tested.