$GNLN $SPY $CGC $KERN $TLRY “Greenlane has played an invaluable role in bringing the Volcano to market and this exclusive distribution partnership. Canopy’s growth of the Storz & Bickel brand and Volcano product We are excited to launch the new Volcano Hybrid through this partnership and look forward to introducing new high tech vaporizers to the market as we continue to leverage our extensive R&D and commercialization efforts that will set a new.... canopygrowth.com/investors/... globenewswire.com/news-rele... “The Volcano Medic 2, which has been approved for medical use in Europe, Australia, and now Canada, includes improved features for patients such as tenfold faster heat up times, an alternative tubular (direct-to-mouth) inhalation method in addition to the standard Valve Balloon, and an intuitive touch display that allows patients to set their desired temperature directly on the device.” Cannabis 2.0 is here. MEDICAL vaping devices, beverages, edibles, etc. 🙌🚀
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